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and noticed the monkey. he said he coaxed nim a backpack and called police. the story of the return is a curiosity now as his abduction. >> who would thought he'd go in a backpack? he might have been scared. >> he seems to be readjusting to being home but mate be sometime before he's back on display. >> we need to make sure he hasn't been exposed to anything that could make him sick or pass along to other monkeys. >> and this weekend we did talk to police and asked them if the return who returned him is a possible person of interest in the theft. police say that that investigation remains open and so all options remain open. i talked with a spokesperson saying nothing changed that much in the investigation. they've not yet released the name of the man who returned the monkey or released information about possible
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reward that was advertised. $5,000 for the safe return of banana sam. >> thank you very much z alaska airlines jetliner had to make an emergency landing within the last hour or so. the plane with 179 passengers on board had taken off for seattle. a spokesman said the plane had trouble soit turned around and went back. >> at least a dozen people are starting this year as victims of an apartment fire that burned through their homes and everything they own. it happened last night in the city of haight-ashbury neighborhood. some fire victims came back when the sun came up, surveying damage to their homes. and this is just as lucky ones emerged to check on neighbors.
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>> i was in the shower. my daughter ran ask said mom, have you to get out of the shower, turn off water now. the house next door son fire. >> that is around 8:00 sunday night. >> fire on all floors so two floors of fire here. two there. plus up in the attic. >> and there are flames spreading to two other buildings. officials say 1359 messonic avenue took the brunt of it. >> we do believe that it started in the, between fire building, explosion building towards the back to the rear. >> he described it as a lyle lite well. the fire displaced 10 people and this is a hardship felt by everyone involved. >> we're able to walk into the apartment and there are six or seven still standing on the
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street. >> the homeowner credits a fire resistant roof for saving her home. >> right now firefighters in pleasant hill and east bay are on the scene of a fire that broke out just before 3:30 and took three searches before rescuers found the owners. >> there was a fire in the kitchen seemed like it was around the microwave. i just kicked the door and it wasn't going out. >> firefighters got there quickly and they had to saw the door o and this man was taken to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. >> police have new information to share tonight regarding a shooting death of a 5-year-old gabrielle martinez, shot outside of his family's taco
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stand friday night. the shooter opened fire after ordering food. police say there is new information about the car the suspect may have been driving. >> it's an american made silver car. i don't have additional information and then we're hoping that someone will be able to come forward with maybe a license plate or detailed description of it. >> he's described as a black male with a thin build, blue jeans and a shirt. it's the third child five years old and under to die from gunfire in oakland since august. >> and the family of brian stow, the fan beaten at is thanking his supporters online. family members say stow is making progress, beginning to use a wheelchair and working on getting back mobility in arms and legs. his children got gifts from
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people they had never met. stow suffered brain trauma in march. >> and authorities in washington state say a body on the slopes of mount raineier national park is that of a gunman accused of killing a forest ranger yesterday. police believe he shot and killed a 24-year-old park ranger margaret anderson. barns is also suspected of wounding four people during a party near seattle. >> and a man is now in custody in connection with dozens of sus spishus fires in the los angeles area. investigators are not releasing a name but say he resembles a person seen in surveillance video. this came after 2 more fires
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in car ports broke out bringing a total to 53 since friday. this and around l.a. and hollywood. >> this is in excess of $2 kblinl to vehicles and structure autos sources say he's a german national who may have been note vaited by a deportation hearing against his mother. he told officers reportedly i hate america. >> and police children rescued from a car were released from the hospital today aichl group of 10 strangers came to the rescue of the kids when they saw the car plunge into utah's river. the driver of the car made it out okay but children were trapped. a good sam mayor tain responded to the call for help. >> they started yelling my son
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is still in the car. he have to flip the car. i looked in and i can see the boy upside down in the water. >> how scary that was. once flipping the car a former police officer used his gun to shoot out one window so the group could reach for the kids. one boy wasn't breathing when pulled but was resuscitated at the scene. the children are being treated for hypothermia. >> it's down to just hours now before voters and polls show saying and rick santorum is coming on strong. jonathan carl says it's not about who win buzz who loses because losing big in iowa can kill chance autos the most to lose here is probably newt gingrich. he's someone who just a couple weeks ago was winning here. he was a guy that was looking
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like he's way head. now, he can come in fifth place. this will make it tough to come out. there is one michelle bachmann from iowa. she stakes her campaign on running in iowa. now, she's looking like she could come in dead last f she does it's hard to imagine her campaign going on. >> and with that at the back drop we should find out who will keep going and which candidates will be heave r.heading home. caucuses again again at 4:00 our time. and so stay tuned for that. >> and big changes for medicare. >> complying with a new booster seat law. michael finney offers advice on where, and why wr not to buy car seats. >> plus, how ups is turning to
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social media to help public return gifts. the news continues in one minute.
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some alameda residents are advising their opposition starting today smoking is banned in most public places including city sidewalks and bus stops and parks and city leaders say they wanted to take a step to protect residents, however, not everyone is on board here. >> as a nonsmokier, someone who is really bothered by cigarette shock, part of me is happy but it seems like it's gone too far. you talk about going into your apartment. >> i would say for this one, i'm on the fence and they're getting kind of close to the edge of pushing us around a
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little bit too much oom say they're not sure where it's aloued and that included one police officer we spoke w this is confusing. officials say violators can be fined from $100 and $500. >> we've lesh learned yet another shocking name for the shopping season. tomorrow is being called national returns day. and abc 7's david louie exmains why. >> the boxes are already stacked the ceiling at ups store, inside are shoes and other items purchased online being returned. ups expects to handle a record-setting 550,000 parcels on national returns day it will be bus eye. a lot of returns are going back and there are people who don't want to ship during christmas season. they'd rather wait. then ship afterwards. >> online purchases grew 15% this season compared to a year ago. yet, returns are expected to
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increase by less than 8%. ups hired a social media exforts help with the process which merchants are making easier. >> offering return shipping labels. i can take my returns to the ups store at once and just put in a call ticket. soy don't have to leave the house. >> some pay for shipping. a few don't. ups is turning to twitter to host two online parties. melissa will try to answer questions while having fun. >> they'll have questions and talking about holidays and returns. >> return shipping expected to be high all week with most reaching merchants by friday.
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returning can be a hassle but they're trying to make process easier for consumers. >> and ups is hosting two twitter parties at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. you can ask how to make the returns easier. there is more information on our web site. and look under see it on tv. >> with the start of the new year, california raised car seat cuttoff age from six until eight. >> we've brn warning about that. tonight michael finney is here to let us know where you should not buy a seat. >> there is time up. if your child is between six and eight it's time to put them back in a booster seat. it's going to take getting used to and it's going to take cash. >> i sold them in a yard
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saechl now it's time to go buy some. >> this is a hardship on many california families but please do not buy brenda's old seats or other secondhand seats. those seats and boosters could have been in a wreck and they no longer offer proper protections. so only buy new or get one from a trusted family member or friend and remember, all of the seats have an expieration date on a tag. look for it. associated press is starting by selling baby boomers medicare is heading for changes no matter whoins in 2012 point ought there are surprising similarities from completing a purchase by the president. both would limit growth, both making retirees and some pay more. obama indicated a willingness to increase eligibility age, too.
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and 76 million will be enrolling and there is a warning here is that things are changing meaning you will pay more. so keep that in mind. >> bottom line. >> yes. >> thank you. 50 and it's a bittersweet night for stanford fans. andrew luck is playing his last game in a college uniform tonight. is palo alto you can see there is a healthy crowd here with kickoff set to happen in about 15 minutes. several hours ago one guy was determined to get the seats before the last game. >> hours before fans walked through the door clifford was staking out a table. >> i thought there would be a bunch of people here.
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and he graduated in 2001 but has enthusiasm when talking about the quarterback. >> he's awesome and is a leader, he's smart. one of the awesomest human beings you can be and he can throw a football, too. >> he's also calling on another kind of luck, his lucky hat. >> my fiancee made it for meechl she knew i was a big stanford fan. she bought this random hat put letters on it. and since i started wearing this, we did better. >> he cannot afford to take it to arizona with tickets over $200 a piece but at least he's getting money out of it the answer is no. >> this professor explains revenues are split among pack 12 schools. >> share you're going to get
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is the same but if you play your costs are higher so this actually kfts you money. >> who does benefit? try arizona or oregon state. you noi, the losing teams. >> they get a cut without having to bare costs so it's a good deal for them. >> and they add a good football year leads to higher enrollment. with 30,000 students applying for 1700 spots enrollment is not the problem. >> and thank you. they're doing well on po ten candidates. >> i think so. >> sandhya patel taking a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> hi. new year off to a dry start. happy new year.
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this ended with not much rain. we continue that streak heading into 2012. there is a after glow and high clouds there giving us a colorful cloud cover there. there is another live picture now from our east bay hills camera. there is a little bit of fog that is go tok a problem especially during morning commute tomorrow. so there are areas of fog milder tomorrow, going with dry, mild into next week. possibly beyond. we're going to see areas of fog moving into valleys so tomorrow morning could be patches of dense fog in places like fairfield and be acare of
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it. temperatures will bottom out into mid-30s. 39 for santa cruz. it's a spare the air and other areas into 40s except concert and livermore, here is the satellite and radar, cold front went through and there is a dry front. there are record highs to talk about. there is one of the warmest days in january. and really this hasn't produced a lot. we're not expecting any rain soon. we're going to see high pressure building in for tuesday going into wednesday. so we're going to keep it dry, high and dry another week or two. as long as this ridge is here, it's blocking these storms from getting into the bay area. so we're going to remain dry sometime, still. it's not good news heading
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into january. we'll keep an eye on phone shall development. 64 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow. concord 62 degrees, and we start out with fog in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, for the bay temperatures ranging from 68 in santa cruz. 70 watsonville. there is above normal at this time of the year, taking a look at the accu-weather forecast there is going to be a milder day tomorrow, thursday a weak system passes through to the north and this is keeping it dry. no rain in sight. and 30% to 37% of normal.
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there is still ahead some people who advocate carrying guns are taking exception to a new state law. >> that is coming up. then at 6:00 extended warranties can be pricey but michael finney says you can get it at a discount. we'll be right back here. cl
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one of a controversial state law is a ban on openly carrying guns. there advocates say it's their second amendment right to do so. this n.their view, law enforcement doesn't dot job. >> i have a lot of respect for the police department but
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bottom line is that police respond to crime they do not prevent crime. as a father with children, and i feel it's my obligation to defend my family if need be against violent crime. >> californians can get perm writs for concealed weapon autos an olympic master who fought on some of the famous star wars dualing scenes passed away. he went on to become a sought after stunt performer. he was 89 years old. >> coming up next an australian teenager bound to raise eye brow autos with unique talents.
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at 6:00 shoppers getting a handle on one of the toughest
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bag bans in the nation. how some stores are voiding the fee. if also a movie with a message. a group is taking an approach to protect the ocean. >> kind of the rodney dangerfield of the industry. we don't get enough respect. >> the california wine region once overlooked is on the way to becoming the toast. industry coming up at 6:00. >> and australian teenager displaying an unusual talent on you tube. >> watch her eye brows as they sort of dance to the beat of the music wildly. wow. the you tube hit from the 13-year-old has gone viral with 8 million views this video has landed her a song and 29,000 likes on her facebook page for bopping to the beat of the music. >>

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